In order to achieve the very best results possible from your treatment, please read and follow the pre-treatment instructions leading up to your appointment and then follow all aftercare advice post-treatment found on the pdf document below.


Additionally, if any of the following apply to you please notify Danielle via / 07858880706 immediately to confirm your suitability for your desired treatment: [Please note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot have the treatment, it may just mean that the treatment will need to be done in a slightly different way]

  • Pregnant/ Breastfeeding

  • Botox/ Fillers within the last six weeks

  • Facial Surgery within the last three months

  • Recent skin and/or eye infection

  • Blood disorder

  • Specific medical condition(s)

  • Regular medications

  • Recent tanning treatment(s)

  • Facials/ Peels/ AHA’s

  • Allergies

  • Chemotherapy/ Radiation treatment within the last twelve months

  • Previous reaction to cosmetics/ other treatments/ henna/ tints/ dyes/ bleach/ lightening products

  • Medical changes and/or new medications (prescribed or herbal) since last treatment at Perfectivity



N.B. It is very important that you disclose any potential contraindication from both a health and safety perspective and also in the interest of your treatment results being of the high-quality ‘Perfectivity’ standard. Please read through the pdf document below to familiarise yourself with the important pre-treatment instructions and post-treatment aftercare advice in order to get the very best results from your treatment(s) possible: